Welcome to Gentoo Digital. My name is Gary Butler and Gentoo Digital is my own professional portfolio of digital work. I have worked as a web designer and front end developer for the last 4 years. Working in digital creative fields such as branding, web development, web banners and animation.

Gentoo Digital specialises in the following areas:


Web development

Fluent in many areas of web development including web design, front end html, CSS and Javascript programming. This includes taking websites from their original designs to building the final productand uploading it to be used as an online article. Also offering SEO for better search engine optimisation.

Web Banners

Experience in building using javascript, JQuery, Greensock and CSS3 animations to build html5 web banners as well as using Actionscript 2 and 3 to build flash banners. Though able to code banners from scratch using the latest practices, also able to build them in software such as Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer.


Creating animation for video and online campaigns. specialising in flash animation for Promotional website banners, JQuery animation for dynamic websites and After Effect animation for film.


Specialising in logo design as well as creating an overall style and theme and identity for clients. Creating a style that meets with the clients needs as well as making sure it has a unique look that stands out from the crowd.